12/05/14:: The Ending Of Titanrose - 2009 / 2014 ::

Dear players,



The end of an era is near for titanRose. Please read the full announcement on our forum.

Some quick information that we'll make sure to provide as to the closing of titanRose:

  • o We wanted to give everyone the chance to continue with titanRose for another month. This means that it will officially close down around June the 18th.
  • o We'll be changing the rates so things can be achieved more easily.
  • o Donations have been offline since May 10th as we didn't want people to donate at a point which we wouldn't provide back the service in a month.
  • o Ticket support will be continued throughout the following month, do notice however that certain subjects will not be handled. We'll try to provide the best support for our players that want to get the most out of the last month.
  • o If you wish to stay in touch, there's always the facebook page!

 It has been one hell of a ride! Thank you all for everything it has meant to us. On behalf of the titanRose team: Thank you!


Game Servers Status

:: Login Off

:: World Off

:: Game Off

:: Website Off